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Crown Molding Ideas

Most new-home buyers have been conditioned to settle for the stripped-down version of Home, Sweet Home - modern houses lacking in crafted detail, missing, among other things, the stylish trim moldings such as crown molding.


The good news is that crown molding can be added without huge clouds of drywall dust or a big bill from the lumberyard. Installing crown molding, however, is a task that strikes fear in the heart of every amateur carpenter - and even some pros.


This is because crown molding sits at an angle on the wall and each joint is made of compound angles. Getting it right requires an aptitude for spatial relations, a lot of patience, a bit of practice, and a few tricks that experience teaches.


This is where A1 Handyman (208) 995-9457 can help. Our talented craftsman know installing crown molding properly is important for adding both value and character to your home. No matter the design, from ornate to traditional, or more modernized sleek moldings, A1 Handyman's crown molding installation services can help transform your home and add value.


Where to install crown molding

Add some character to plain rooms with crown molding and baseboards. With the many styles and sizes of molding available, don't limit molding to just trimming out doors and windows. There are other focal points in a room such as floors and ceilings where baseboard trim and crown molding can be used to breathe new life and add a finished look.



Similar to doors and windows, fireplaces often present an excellent opportunity to add a finishing touch with crown molding making it a centerpiece. Draw the visitors' eyes by adding a clean break where the brick or stone meets the wall or install a new fireplace mantel.



Add a little charm in your living space with some crown. Simply installing some crown molding and other trim designs bookcases and built-ins can be transformed from ordinary to elegant. You can also create a similar appearance to that of doors and windows by installing crown molding around the border of built-in bookcases.


Other Tips

Crown molding and other trim designs can also be used when transitioning walls from wainscoting or beadboard paneling to painted or textured surfaces.


Crown Molding is a minor home improvement that can make a huge difference in helping add a personal, decorative mark on your home. Call A1 Handyman at (208) 995-6457 and schedule time to have our skilled professionals install decorative crown molding in your home. You'll like the finished look. Guaranteed!



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