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Deadbolt Lock Installation

Install Deadbolt handset lockBurglars and vandals often have a field day when they come across an exterior door unprotected by a deadbolt lock. A door equipped with a high-quality lockset can also be an easy target because the latch might not extend far enough into the door frame to withstand a sharp kick.


All it takes is a well-placed boot to tear the strike plate loose and splinter the jamb, providing easy access to a house. Installing a dead bolt in addition to the lockset you already helps solve the problem. So when you purchase locks for your doors, don't look for bargains.


A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 knows the importance of home security and our door installers can help with your homes security by installing deadbolt locks. As your safe, reliable, and professional choice for handyman services, we handle all home repairs, large or small.


What's the Best Way to Install a Deadbolt?

Deadbolts offer a cost-effective way of increasing your home’s security. Based on experience and to ensure a successful lock installation, here are some tips from our expert door installers to help your project along.


Tools & Supplies - Installing a deadbolt lock requires a few basic tools such as a hammer, power drill, wood chisel, tape measure, and a screwdriver. There are also a few special tools and jigs available that are designed to drill clean and accurate holes in all types of entry door materials. These special tools take the guess work out of installation. Of course the best tool in your toolbox is A1 Handyman. We take the guesswork out of any installation project!

Purchasing Several Locks - If you don’t want a pocketful of keys, have all your locks keyed the same. Locks of the same brand are the easiest easy to key alike and some brands will interchange.

Lock Placement - Most door installation experts recommend placing a deadbolt lock several inches above the doorknob. Most deadbolt locks include complete installation instructions and a template to insure the hole is drilled in the right place.

Carefully Follow Instructions - Deadbolt locks can vary slightly from one another. Always read the manufacture installation instructions thoroughly and check your measurements at least twice. Mistakes in this project may not be corrected easily. For example, an accidental drill hole in the wrong place can be costly since it may require door replacement. Get your new deadbolt lock installed right by calling A1 Handyman today.


Keeping a safe and secure home is one of the most important things you can do. Without security and peace of mind, all the hard work and love you put into creating a home can be taken from you in an instant.


Let A1 Handyman help with all your home improvement and repair needs. From adding new doors and windows to expert lock installation, we do it all. Contact A1 Handyman at (208) 995-6457 and schedule a time for the items on your "To Do" list to be completed.


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