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Match Existing Molding

Match Existing MoldingInstalling molding in your home, but don’t know how to find a match to what’s already in place? Sometimes it can be a real chore to find an exact match to existing wood trim and crown molding.


Get a little A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 help with your project. Our skilled craftsmen are experts when it comes to matching existing molding. We can also install molding and make it look right in your home.


Avoid a molding disaster by making sure you’re really buying and installing the exact same type and design of trim and moldings.


Here's a few trim and molding installation tips to help you along with your project.


• Select stock moldings. The most cost and time efficient solution is to purchase the same type and design trim and moldings that are in your home. Take a sample of the piece your trying to match to the home center or lumber yard. This way you have something in hand to compare with. It also helps to know a little history of the home such as age and builder.

• Custom made option. If none of the trim and moldings offered at the home center or lumber yards measure up, then its time to consider custom made. Special One concern with this is you likely will have setup fees in addition to material costs. Woodworking shops can create trim or moldings to match with special equipment. This can increase your costs significantly and may not be a cost-effective option for small orders. One way to avoid those fees is to create your own profiles using a band saw, table saw, and router.

• Get the right materials. If your planning to custom make molding, plan on purchasing a quality router and wood stock to match the type of wood that in your home. Installing molding not only requires a bit of skill, but can also be a time-consuming process.

• Install molding right. If you are planning to install crown molding call the skilled professionals from A1 Handyman. Our trained and affordable craftsman will complete the job right so you can officially check your molding installation project completed. Exceptional customer service and a job done right. Guaranteed!


A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 knows a lot about molding installation and beadboard paneling and we can help you with all your home repair projects, large or small. One phone call is all it takes to hire professionals who can complete your entire "To Do" list.




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