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Storm Door Selection

Energy Efficient Storm DoorA storm door is a type of door that is installed in front of an exterior door to protect it from the weather and allow ventilation.


Storm doors typically have interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels to provide visibility and prevent flying insects from entering the home. They also help to deflect wind, rain, and snow from entering the home.


Picking the Right Storm Door?

Selecting the right storm door is just as important as proper door installation. It’s important to pick the right combination of screen and glass that will best serve the functions most important for your homes style.


Storm door style options include:


1) Full view storm door is where a full length glass panel has to be physically changed out if you want a screen in it. The unused panel of glass or screen is then stored for future use. Glass is great for protecting the paint on your primary door and blocks it from the adverse effects of weathering. A professional door installer also knows glass helps minimize the heating/cooling bills inside the home because of its ability to stop air from escaping.

2) Ventilating style consists of 2 glass panels and 1 to 2 screen panels in the door at the same time. The glass panel(s) move up or down in order to reveal the screen. This is convenient if you want cross ventilation in the house without the inconvenience of removing and storing a glass or screen panel. Screens offer the chance for better ventilation, which can be especially helpful if your home doesn’t have air conditioning during summer months. This door will allow air to flow freely in from the outdoors without many unwanted insects entering the home.

3) Retractable screen storm door is a relatively new hybrid of the full view and ventilating storm doors. The screen is connected to the top window of the storm door and when not in use it automatically rolls up on a tensioned dowel in the top of the door. This gives you a full-view door when the screen is not in use and a ventilating door when the screen is deployed.


Energy-Saving Benefits

Homes with older, badly-sealed doors will achieve the biggest energy savings from a new glass storm door, especially during extremely warm or cold months. Adding a storm door to the exterior doors of your home can also increase security. However, before you run out and buy a storm door, it's important to make sure the one you want will actually fit.


The first step is to decide which way the storm door will open. Face the house and note the side where you want the door handle and the side where you want the hinges. If the hinges will be on the left side, then it is a left-hinged out-swing because the storm door always swings out to the left.


Next, measure the height in 3 places from the top of the bottom threshold to the underside of the top or header piece of trim. Place the tape measure on top of the threshold, usually concrete or silver or brass metal, and stretch it to the bottom side of the top piece of exterior trim. Normally it lands somewhere between 80" to 81" on newer homes and 96" to 97" on openings with extremely tall doors. Measure the left side of the opening, the center of the opening, and on the right side of the opening. Write down the smallest measurement.


Lastly, measure the width from left to right, inside of trim to inside of trim. Measure the top of the door opening, the middle of the door opening, and the bottom of the door opening. Write down the smallest measurement. Now you are armed with the needed information to shop for a door. Most home centers employ door personal who can assist you with door selection.


Need help putting in your new storm door? The fully trained and insured home repair contractors from A1 Handyman know storm doors inside and out and can make sure your new storm door is installed properly. To schedule door installation services, call (208) 995-6457 today and we'll get right to work.


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