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WainscotingFor a room revamp, we're the first to say that all you need is a few tools and a can of paint. But for a room makeover that brings dimension to plain walls and adds lasting value, nothing can beat a traditional wainscot of richly layered wood panels.


How panels are assembled may seem somewhat complicated to the average person, but once you uncover the layers of this masterpiece, you'll find that each step is plenty doable, yet can be a bit tricky at times.


Wainscoting is a mixture of wall paneling, baseboard, molding, and chair rail that adds a classic look to any room or hall. Plain walls are broke apart creating visual weight and in some cases, a surface can be added to hold keepsakes and pictures. Similar to crown molding installation or beadboard paneling, the installation of wainscoting can greatly transformation any room.


Installation Tips

Wainscot consists of a number of components. For this reason, here are some simple tips to help the installation process along. First, make sure to remove any baseboard molding, trim, and any other items from the wall surface where the wainscot is to be installed.


Old baseboard can be used for nailing and filling purposes behind the new baseboard, especially if you remove any cap molding. When removing, make sure to score the old baseboard seams with a utility knife before prying loose.  Then start at one end with a pry bar and work it loose.


With walls prepped, mark where the wainscoting will be installed. Carefully measure all pieces at least twice and then mark and cut those pieces, including your top and bottom rails, back panel,  stiles, chair rail, baseboard, and molding prior to installation. Wainscoting kits are available in many styles from most home centers to help streamline the installation process.


Further Improvements

Wainscot can be a bit difficult to install, but its effects are impressive and long-lasting. To ensure your project gets done right, it is best to hire a skilled craftsman. Achieve the results you want by hiring A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457. From wainscot and crown molding installation to adding finishing touches with paint and new light fixtures, the wide range of home improvement services from A1 Handyman are sure to give your room a brand new look.



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