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Winterizing Your Deck

Deck StainingWinter is Around the Corner. What Can I do to Get my Deck Ready?

Pick a warm autumn day to get your deck ready for winter. This is the perfect time of year to clean and prepare your wood deck against potential damage like checking and splitting that can occur during a wet, snowy winter.



Don't have time? Problem solved! The professionals from A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 can help with everything from deck maintenance to shower door installation, or fixing a leaky toilet. We work in the kitchen, the bathroom, the attic, the garage and anywhere else that you need help in your home. When you call A1 Handyman to finish your "To Do" list, you know that you'll be receiving quality work from a fully trained, licensed, and insured professional handyman.


Tips for Winterizing Your Deck

Before winterizing your deck or completing any deck repairs, you first need to evaluate the situation. Walk around your deck and sprinkle water on many different areas, then observe what happens. If the water soaks into the boards, you know it is time to reseal your deck. If the water forms a puddle or beads up, then you know your deck is repelling the water and should be safe for another winter.


Depending on the outcome of your deck inspection, follow all or some of these tips for winterizing your deck:


Deck Cleaning• Always clean your deck before winter arrives. A1 Handyman can help with power washing services.

• If your deck is comprised of unfinished wood that is no longer repelling water, it is time to reseal your deck with a water repellent sealer. Have A1 Handyman do that too.

• If your deck is only damaged in a few spots, you can simply sand down and paint/stain those specific areas. With more damaged, it may be time to strip off the current finish and reapply a new coat.


The next step is to apply a deck brightener to the surface to loosen ground-in dirt and stubborn grease stains. Then rinse the deck with a garden hose or, better yet, a power washer. Once the deck is dry, apply a clear wood preservative to bare wood or a decking stain to previously stained surfaces. If you're staining, choose one that contains a wood preservative. And don't forget to coat all end-grain surfaces, which tend to soak up water and crack if not properly sealed. Use a 2-inch-wide foam-rubber brush to coat the long edges of the deck boards, forcing the applicator down into the space between two boards and sliding it along to spread the finish.


A1 Handyman’s Deck Repair

Your local A1 Handyman is the perfect solution for deck maintenance and deck repair. We are professionally trained and can help winterize your deck, so you can make time for other important things, like spending time with loved ones. Call (208) 995-6457 and request service today.


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