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Circuit Breaker Installation

Circuit Breaker InstallationAs electrical devices become more advanced, our homes must adapt to keep up. Daily we make use of various electrical devices such as the alarm clock, hair dryer, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, computer, television, sprinkler system, air conditioner, and the list goes on.


Many home electrical circuits do not have the capacity to support today’s high powered devices and in many cases the solution is a simple circuit breaker replacement or addition of a new electrical outlet.


Need more electrical outlets installed? Call A1 Handyman today at (208) 995-6457 and we'll take it from there. One phone call hires professionals who complete your entire "To Do" list.  Every task - whether a major or minor home repair - is prioritized according to need. Unlike an independent "handyman for hire" you'll know what to expect before we arrive and our professional home repair contractors don't waste your time.


What is an Electrical Circuit Overload and How Can I Prevent it?

Electrical Circuit Overload PreventionElectrical circuit overloads happen when more amperage is transferred across an electrical wire than the circuit can handle. Overloads can be caused by loose, corroded, or faulty wires and connections; however, most circuit overloads occur when you draw more power than the outlet’s maximum capacity.


For example, if you plug a microwave into the same outlet as your toaster and coffee maker, and you don’t have enough amperage to support the devices, a circuit breaker will be tripped or a breaker fuse will blow turning all devices using that circuit off.


Add a bit of convenience and avoid overloading circuits by installing the right number of outlets so you have the right capacity to support your electrical devices. Have more than just the electrical repairs on your "To Do" list? A1 Handyman offers a wide variety of home improvement and repair services. Call us today at (208) 995-6457 and well get right to work.


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