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Deck Improvement

Deck Improvement ServicesOnce little more than an architect's afterthought, decks today are the toast of many a backyard. The trend toward outdoor cooking has been the driving force, but decks are more than extensions of the kitchen.


A deck is a wonderful place to unwind on a sunny day, entertain guests, curl up with a book, hold a family reunion, or simply enjoy a family barbeque. Designed as an extension of your home, your deck deserves the same amount of care, attention, and maintenance as other areas of the home.


From professional deck cleaning to deck repair and much more, A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 can help extend the life and appearance of your outdoor getaway.


Types of Decking

As deck materials and construction methods evolve, designers continue to push the limits of form and function. From pressure-treated to composite, there are many types of decking materials and each carries its own advantages and disadvantages. Which material best suits your needs depends largely on your intended use and budget.


Cleaning Tips

Regular maintenance and professional deck cleaning extends the life of your deck; however, there are several considerations before firing up the pressure washer. Avoid costly deck repairs with these maintenance and cleaning tips from A1 Handyman.


Reinventing Your Deck

There are several ways to bring a fresh look to your outdoor area with decking. From landscape lighting to adding a water feature, you can make your backyard a more inviting, attractive and entertaining area.


Contact A1 Handyman today at (208) 995-6457 for professional, safe, and reliable assistance with deck improvement and maintenance needs or simply request service online.


Deck Improvement

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