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Drywall Services

Hang DrywallCall it wallboard, plasterboard, Sheetrock, or just plain "rock," like some pros, drywall revolutionized the way walls and ceilings are covered.


Before the 1950s, when these paper-wrapped gypsum panels came into widespread use, it took days for lathers and plasterers to create a firm, flat foundation for paint or wallpaper.


Today, with the advent of drywall, it only takes a fraction of the time. Two professional drywall installers can typically cover a 12-by-16-foot room within a few hours.


To work that fast takes a lot of practice and a few specialized tools. But hanging drywall is not just about speed; its about getting the job right the first time. A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 knows that doing the job right means using screws of the correct length, off-setting panels so seams don’t line up, and making sure wires and pipes aren't vulnerable to puncture.


Professional Drywall Contractors

Patching drywall is an important part of maintaining the value of your home. A1 Handyman is here to help handle all drywall repair tasks as well as other home improvement and repair needs to preserve your home's value. There is no job too small for our contractors. Weather its the results of water damage, cracks from settling, rowdy teenager damage, or problems from general structural wear and tear, our drywall professionals have seen it all.


Drywall Repair FinishingDrywall Repair Saves Time

We know you are busy. When our drywall contractors arrive at your home, they come with tools in hand and ready to get to work.


There is no need for multiple visits between the estimate and project because we generally know the kind of work or repair that is needed before we arrive.


A1 Handyman also performs multiple drywall installation and repair tasks. While our drywall finishing services put the final touches on a recent remodeling project, our repair service focuses on fixing those cracks and holes in other areas of your home. This means your project is completed faster, saving you valuable time for family.


Let A1 Handyman take care of your drywall needs. Our drywall contractors are licensed, insured, and trained to handle all your home improvement and repair needs. Call (208) 995-6457 today and schedule a time for your "To Do" list to be finished.


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