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Holiday Lighting Services

Holiday Lighting InstallationFresh winter snow is falling, setting all the homes a glow. Garlands and wreaths are swaggered with red velvet bows. Christmas trees are being filled with ornaments and stars, close friends and family are gathering from afar.


Gingerbread houses fill homes with their sweet scent, elaborately colored wrapping paper covers each present. But one thing is missing from this wonderful holiday scene - the dazzling lights on your home provided by the A1 Handyman team!


The holiday season is a busy time of year and on top of your growing "To Do" list of activities that makes life a bit hectic is adding a bit of festive lighting to your homes outdoor landscape. Problem solved with the holiday decorating team from A1 Handyman. Call (208) 995-6457 today for a little handyman help to prepare your home for the winter season ahead.


Holiday Lighting Tips

There is more to holiday lights than just bulbs on a string. Having the right lighting can completely transform your landscaping décor. Choose from snowflakes, icicles, bubble lights, fiber optic lights, multicolored bulbs, white bulbs, LED lights, and incandescent lights.


Snowflake Lights - Different from typical bulb lights and can give your home a unique feel. These lights are a great way to beautify your home. They are typically available in blue or white.

Icicle Lights - Have become increasingly popular over the last decade. These lights are available in white, blue, and multicolored. An advantage to these lights is the ability to add extra depth and dimension to a home because they hang down 6 to 9 inches.

Bubble Lights - Began in the 1950’s and are slowly making a comeback. Bubble lights can add a classic nostalgic feel to your home décor. These glass lights are unique because they contain different colors of bubble filled liquid.

Fiber Optic Lights - These lights are colorful and often used in decorative fixtures than lighting strands. A benefit to fiber optic lighting is they can change to multiple colors giving you maximum flexibility.

LED Lights - The latest trend and very popular largely due to energy efficiency and availability of vibrant colors. These lights conveniently are available in solid and multicolored strands. If your looking to have a brightly lit home on display then LED lighting is a must.

Incandescent Lights - The most popular type of holiday lighting on the market. They are available in solid or multicolored strings and are good for wrapping around things like trees, banisters, and columns. In addition, incandescent lights are great for a budget because they are relatively inexpensive.


Tis the season to decorate! Call A1 Handyman today at (208) 995-6457 and schedule service to have your holiday lighting installed. Sit back with a cup of hot cocoa and watch as our decorating team works to create a festive winter wonderland. In addition to holiday lighting, A1 Handyman can fix any of those nagging repairs, or perform quick touch-ups before your guests arrive. With one simple call, you get professionals that can handle all your home improvement and repair needs.


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