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Pull-Down Attic Ladders

Pull-Down Attic LadderHome a bit short on storage space?

Don't despair. A practical solution to your storage issues might be hovering right overhead.


Just about every home built has some sort of attic space. While most of these spaces offer limited headroom, this area is still a good choice for stowing those closet-clogging items like holiday decorations and luggage.


Adding an attic ladder can simplify a number of home maintenance tasks and give you convenient access to an underused area of your home. Call A1 Handyman and schedule service to have a new attic ladder installed.


The Right Fit

The challenge to utilizing attic space for storage is finding a safe way to gain access. Many homes have a small hatchway in the ceiling, but there's no staircase or ladder, just a square hole with a plywood cover. To gain access to the attic, you climb a step-ladder and hoist yourself up through the access panel - a simple task if you happen to be Tarzan or a youngster. Coming down can be even more adventurous, especially with an armful of boxes.


Prior to shopping for a new attic ladder, you will need measure the length and width of the rough opening along with the height of the ceiling. Have A1 Handyman obtain the measurements. When taking measurements, make sure to obtain the rough opening's length and width in three different spots - top, middle, and bottom - of the framing. Then select a ladder that fits the smallest of these measurements and is long enough for your ceiling height. Note that the ladder may need to be trimmed to size. For a folding or sliding stair in a closet or other tight space, make sure to measure how much swing clearance and landing length the stair will need when lowered. Drop a plumb bob from the header and measure out from it to find this distance.



There are a number of choices that will fit into most rough openings - typically 22½ or 25 inches by 54 inches. There are a variety of ladder designs from sliding to folding to telescoping. You have your pick of wood, aluminum, or steel in different heights, weights, and load capacities. There are stairs that ascend at a shallow angle, stairs that take up minimal landing space, or stairs that seal tightly to the ceiling so heat stays in the house.


Installing attic ladders not in your skill set? Problem solved! Call A1 Handyman and schedule service today. Our skilled carpenters will pick up your new ladder and promptly install it in your home.


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