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Proper Insulation

Installing Insulation

Maximize comfort and minimize energy bills

Whether it's thick blankets of fiberglass batt insulation or mounds of spray foam, all insulation works the same way - by trapping tiny air pockets that slow the movement of heat out of a home in winter and into a home in summer. It's so called R-value is how effective the insulation resists this movement; the higher the R-value, the lower your energy bills. To achieve a quality rated R-value, insulation must be installed correctly. In fact, a bad insulation job can make matters worse.


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Insulation Options

There are all kinds of materials to spray on, stuff in, nail on, or blow into walls and ceilings to lower your heating and cooling costs. Carefully consider all your options based on the available factors including long-term energy savings.


Foam Insulation

Low-density polyurethane spray foam is the insulation technology that's hard to beat. Spray foam  for example, forms a lock-tight bond with wall stud framing and drywall sheathing that blocks all air movement; retards (but doesn't halt) moisture passage; and it is flexible enough to accommodate seasonal wood movement. While spray foam is a bit expensive, installation costs are offset long-term by lower heating and cooling costs.


Insulating Cathedral Ceilings

Foam insulation also works best in with cathedral ceiling or a finished attic. When sprayed against the underside of the roof deck, foam insulation seals against air movement and eliminates the need for a vapor barrier or ventilation. Its open-cell structure still allows moisture to escape.


Fiberglass Insulation

The insulation found in most homes consists of fiberglass batting, which is typically inexpensive and quick to install. Fiberglass, much like other batt-type insulation, has a predictable R-value if not compressed. However, batt-type insulation is difficult to fit around obstacles like plumbing and heating vents without leaving gaps. In most climates, batt insulation requires installation of a vapor barrier or it may get wet. Some contractors like to install batt-type insulation with attached kraft-paper facing, but A1 Handyman recommends unfaced batts, covered in plastic with all the seams taped shut as this does a much better job deflecting moisture.


Busy schedules can make home repairs hard to get to, but having your home properly insulated not only makes sense; it saves money on utility costs. A1 Handyman makes it easy to choose and installing the best type of insulation to improve the energy efficiency of your home.


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