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Weatherstripping Windows DoorsNot many people think about the weatherstripping in their home, but deficient amounts of it can affect your heating and cooling budget, as well as making your home less comfortable for your family.


No time to install weatherstripping? Problem solved! Call A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457 today and schedule time to have those leaky holes and cracks sealed. With expert service technicians on the job, you have the assurance of quality workmanship that will perform efficiently to keep your home comfortable year round.


Weatherstripping Components

Installing weatherstripping can mean the difference between a drafty and uncomfortable house and a snug home that keeps its temperature, whether it’s warm or cool. Any hole or crevice is an appropriate spot to apply weatherstripping.


Although weatherstripping might sound like a strip of insulation placed along cracks or crevices to hold back drafts, there is more to weatherstripping than this. A strip of insulation with an adhesive backing is one form of weatherstripping. Other types of weatherstripping include felt that covers an area to prevent air leaks, vinyl gaskets that staple in place, and foam insulation gaskets that fit around outlets and wall switches.



Wherever windows don't fit together snugly, air will leak through the gaps and crevices. The simplest way to plug leaks for the winter is to use rolled caulking; its available in most home centers. Just press the putty-like material around the perimeter of the sash and into any crevices. Then forget about it until spring, when it can easily be removed. Just remember that you can't open the window with the caulking in place.


A better approach involves weatherstripping that fits around the sash and still allows the window to be opened. Gaps around the sash can be sealed by tacking s strip of spring bronze into place. its an excellent material because it's so inexpensive and easy to install.


Stop suffering with cold drafts in the winter and hot air seeping in during the summer and seal the leaks around your doors and windows. One call to A1 Handyman (208) 995-6457) can handle the job efficiently and help make your home more comfortable. From adding weatherstripping to your windows and doors to installing a new faucet in the kitchen, our skilled service technicians have the tools and experience to complete your home repair and improvement projects to your satisfaction. Call today and ask about the items on your "To Do" list.


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